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System Synopsis

Section 2:  System Characteristics

System Type:  Community – (Community Figures taken from 2000 census report)

  1. Private customers – 565 households
  2. Jeffery Energy Center – 300 individuals
  3. City of Westmoreland – 630 households
  4. City of Delia – 200 households 
  5. City of Belvue - 200 household

Section 3:  Sources of Raw Water/Number of Treatment Plants

Ground water from two (2) wells.

One (1) treatment center.

Section 4:  Disinfectants

 Disinfectant used is chlorine gas as the primary disinfectant with no booster chlorination.


Section 5:  Distribution System Characteristics

 Typical Distribution System Operating Characteristics

     Since RWD #4 serves only rural households, with the exception of three (4) volume users, distribution is typically very consistent.  Usage may increase slightly during summer months due to warmer temperatures and children home on vacation from school. 

     Locations selected for testing represent differing areas of the distribution system.  Sites were chosen over a broad area so that quality of product could be monitored more effectively.

        Usage of four (4) volume users varies only slightly month to month throughout the year.


Section 6:  Routine Monitoring Frequency for TTHM and HAA5

        With a ground water system serving less than 10,000 persons, monitoring frequency to be in compliance is one sample per year during the warmest month of water temperature.  Since we have only one (1) treatment plant only one (1) sample is required.

          The sample location must be taken from a location that represents the maximum residence time of the water in the distribution system.

           If the sample exceeds the MCL, then the system must increase monitoring to one sample per quarter, taken at a point representative of the maximum residence time.